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Path of Spirituality Book by Pier Franco Marcenaro THE PATH OF SPIRITUALITY
  • Full title: The Path of Spirituality. A compendium of  the Spiritual Path
  • Author: Pier Franco Marcenaro
  • Editor: The Path Edition
  • Year of publication: First English Edition, 1997
  • Series: Books
  • Topic: Spirituality
  • Pages: 183
  • ISBN: -
  • Content: Knowledge of ourselves has been identified by sages, philosophers and Masters of every epoch as the most precious form of knowledge. From thence, the human soul sets out on the marvelous journey which leads to the soure of that highest knowledge, peace and bliss which is the final goal of the Path of Spirituality.
    The scope of this book is to indicate the inner Way to those who, weary of staying adrift on the stormy seas of life, sincerely yearn for true Knowledge, lasting happiness and peace, introducing them to the study and practice of the Path of Spirituality with the help of a capable Guide.
  • Price: $ 10.00 + shipping charges




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