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Drops of Nectar (Vol. 1) DROPS OF NECTAR
  • Full title: Drops of Nectar (Vol. 1). Answers to questions regarding the Spiritual Path
  • Author: Pier Franco Marcenaro
  • Editor: The Path Edition
  • Year of publication: First English Edition, 2001
  • Series: Books
  • Topic: Spirituality
  • Pages: 264
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-615-26827-9
  • Content: This book contains passages from letters by the Master Pier Franco Marcenaro written over a span of twenty years, answering questions that cover the entire field of spiritual life.
    The first four chapters are dedicated to the spiritual field and provide explanations on meditation, the Master of Spirituality, the Spiritual Path and the School of Spirituality.
    The following section contains questions and answers regarding the importance of Meetings on the Inner Path, ecumenism, the mind, psychology and dreams.
    The chapters on the trails of life and the law of cause and effect, the virtues to practice, and the introspective diary, speak about the ethical foundation needed to construct a truly spiritual and happy life.
    The book closes with chapters about science and faith, love, marriage, life as a couple and chastity, relationships with the world, diet, spirituality and health, providing precious practical advice based on the vast experience of the Author.
    Pier Franco Marcenaro traveled extensively around the world, entering into contact with people of different cultures, races and religions. Thus his approach to problems always has a universal ecumenical content.
  • Price: $ 10.00 + shipping charges




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