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THE BOOK of Creation by Pier Franco Marcenaro THE BOOK OF CREATION
  • Full title: THE BOOK of Creation. What the Bible doesn't say.
  • Author: Pier Franco Marcenaro
  • Editor: The Path Edition
  • Year of publication: 2019
  • Series: Books
  • Topic: Spirituality
  • Pages: 240
  • Color illustrations: 33
  • ISBN: 978-0-9709270-5-7
  • Content: Acording to the greatest Masters of the spirit – such as Kabir, Nanak and Kirpal Singh – the vast macrocosm of the Universe is formed by five grand Planes and the physical plane is the most limited and the last one to have been created. Christ, in the gnostic gospel “The Book of the Savior” (Pistis Sophia), gave Peter the Five Keys that open the doors of the Five Planes of the Creation; and even the Rishis of India and the Sufi Mystics of Islam consider the Universe to be formed by Five Planes.
    In Genesis, the Bible describes solely the creation of the physical plane, the material Universe surrounding us, and in particular of the planet Earth, which is only a microscopic dot in the immense Cosmos.
    The BOOK of Creation fills this millenary gap, describing the formation of the Five Planes of the great macrocosm, that began when the unmanifested One wished to give rise to the multiplicity. The Creator – being perfect and eternal, the sum of every bliss – initially created a Plane where everything is eternity, happiness, and perfection: the Superior Heaven, called by the Christ “House of the Father” and by Nanak “Kingdom of the Truth” (Sach Khand).
    The BOOK gives an accurate answer to the eternal question about the way in which, from the original perfect bliss, then appeared in the Cosmos pain, death and the other calamities of which today we are witnesses. It then describes the Journey with which the soul, through the Five Planes of the Creation, can return to the “House of the Father”, escorted by the Light and Knowledge of the Master; and it finally traces the history of humanity through the Four Ages that follow one another on our planet: from the most desolate one, the current Iron Age or Kali Yuga, to the happiest and most perfect one, the Golden Age or Sat Yuga, the Era, long-awaited everywhere, of the complete happiness of humanity on Earth.
  • Price: £ 22.00 / $ 25.00 + shipping charges




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